The Greatest Gift of all for Martin, living with ALS

What if you woke up one day and were no longer independent?

What if the things you take for granted started slipping away, day after day, without warning? If talking, eating and moving around suddenly became things you had to think about and plan? That’s what people living with ALS have to contend with every day of their lives. But, thanks to the technical and financial aid offered by ALS Quebec, they’re able to remain as independent as possible. This holiday season, give Quebecers living with ALS a better quality of life by supporting essential programs and services such as our technical and financial aid programs.

Thanks to the Tenaquip Foundation, which will match all donations received before December 31, 2017*,
your gift will be twice as meaningful to families touched by ALS!

This holiday season, give Martin—
and everyone who’s living with ALS—the greatest gift of all!

*up to $50,000