ALS clinics are multidisciplinary centres aimed at delivering expert care to people and families living with ALS. Clinics provide education, monitoring and timely interventions, while promoting regular communication with your family doctor and community healthcare providers. In addition, the clinics and their teams of professionals are among the community of researchers in Canada who are working to discover effective ALS treatments.

ALS treatment centres are places where people and families can receive ALS care but may or may not have multidisciplinary care and opportunities to participate in research.

Early referral to an ALS clinic can often speed up diagnosis of the disease,1 and numerous studies have shown that patients who receive care at multidisciplinary clinics have better outcomes.2,3

ALS clinics in Quebec


Neurologists: Dr. Genevieve Matte, Dr. Stephan Botez, Dr. Karine Garneau

Nurse clinician: Naomie Pierre-Louis

Phone: (514) 890-8000, ext. 25434

Neurologists: Dr. Angela Genge, Dr. Rami Massie, Dr. Oliver Blanchard

Nurse clinician: Toni Vitale

Phone: (514) 398-5262


Neurologists: Dr. Denis Brunet, Dr. Annie Dionne, Dr. Nicolas Dupré, Dr. Evelyne Coté-Mantha

Nurse clinician: Manon Gravel

Phone : 418-649-0252, ext. 66893


Neurologists: Dr. Sylvie Gosselin, Dr. Émilie Lareau-Trudel

Nurse clinician: Marie-Ève Lessard

Phone: (819) 346-1110, ext. 14639

Other treatment centres

This list includes only some of the establishments in Quebec that specialize in the care and treatment of people with ALS.


Neurologist: Dr. Sandra Tremblay

Nurse clinician: Annie Bourbeau

Phone : 418-830-7474


Neurologist: Dr. Nicole Khairallah

Nurse clinician: Marlène Dion

Phone : 514-252-3400, ext. 4280


Neurologists: Dr. Jean-Denis Brisson, Dr. Maude-Marie Gagnon

Clinical nurse specialists: Nadine Leclerc, Aline Larouche, Nancy Bouchard

Administrative assistant: Louise St-Gelais

Phone: 418-695-7777

1Molina et al, “Early Referral to an ALS Center Reduces Several Months the Diagnostic Delay: A Multicenter-Based Study,” Frontiers in Neurology, 2020 Dec 18;11:604922. 2Paipa AJ, Povedano M, Barcelo A, Domínguez R, Saez M, Turon J, Prats E, Farrero E, Virgili N, Martínez JA, Corbella X. Survival benefit of multidisciplinary care in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in Spain: association with noninvasive mechanical ventilation. J Multidiscip Healthc. 2019;12:465-470

3Traynor BJ, Alexander M, Corr B, et al, Effect of a multidisciplinary amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) clinic on ALS survival: a population-based study, 1996–2000. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 2003;74:1258-1261.