Research is a source of tremendous hope for the ALS community.

And there’s reason to be hopeful: ALS research is seeing unprecedented progress. More advances have been made in the last 10 years than in the previous 100. Researchers are optimistic that these discoveries will one day lead to successful treatments for ALS.

Our donors help to advance ALS research in numerous ways: by ensuring there is dedicated funding available for ALS research here in Quebec and across Canada, and by fostering strong connections among the ALS research community that calls Quebec home.

There is incredible ALS research talent in our province, both in the laboratory and in the clinic.  

And this leadership has benefits for people living with ALS: for example, by attracting clinical trials that give eligible patients the ability to be part of testing potential new treatments.

Maintaining and nurturing research talent within Quebec is a goal of the ALS Quebec Research Fund.  Thanks to donor support, the Fund was created in 2022. We are currently developing the strategic roadmap that will guide us in investing these funds in a way that will have maximum impact. Thank you to our Scientific Committee for their leadership and guidance as we create this new approach to research investment that is so critical to our mission:

  • Dr. Richard Robitaille (Chair), Full Professor, Université de Montréal and member of ALS Quebec’s Board of Directors
  • Dr. François Gros-Louis, Full Professor, Université Laval
  • Dr. Geneviève Matte, Neurologist, CHUM
  • Dr. Chantelle Sephton, Associate Professor, Université Laval

Even before the creation of the ALS Quebec Research Fund, we have been strong supporters of ALS research.

We have:

  • Contributed annually to the ALS Society of Canada’s national research program, which invests in peer-reviewed research grants to unlock answers to the mysteries about the causes and progression of ALS and to support the development of promising therapies.
  • Hosted regular webinars that bring Quebec’s ALS research community together to connect professionally, update one another about their work and exchange ideas about the latest developments in ALS research.
  • Partnered with individuals and foundations to support their passion for ALS research and the promise it represents.
I believe with all my heart that ALS research is the single most important avenue for hope. Research has the power to help us better understand the causes, how to prevent ALS, and which treatments will be most effective for slowing the symptoms, prolonging life, and even curing the disease.
Dr. Jean-Pierre Canuel,
living with ALS since 2014
The day I visited Dr. Robitaille’s research lab with my wife, my son and daughter, and their partners, we didn’t know quite what to expect. The young doctoral and post-doctoral students each gave a detailed presentation, demonstrated their individual work under the microscope, and answered our questions with great care. I think what stood out most for me was their passion for the research. That really stayed with me. We could see these young researchers were pushing the limits to find solutions despite operating with very limited funds. I know we are in good hands! The challenge now is to secure more funding so we can really move the dial on ALS with new treatments and therapies.
Claude Lapierre,
living with ALS since 2016
We are increasing our understanding about ALS and improving scientific models and clinical trials at an unprecedented pace. I say to my students, ‘Think about who we’re doing this for. We must keep up the fight no matter what.
Dr. Richard Robitaille
Full Professor, Université de Montréal and member of ALS Quebec’s Board of Directors