We’re so grateful for the generosity of those who share our passion for the ALS cause and community.

You are making a meaningful difference in fighting ALS and supporting the people and families living with the disease every day.

Your support is changing how people experience an ALS diagnosis.
Your support is powering tomorrow’s ALS research discoveries
Your support is focusing attention and action on ALS

Imagine being told you have ALS and then being left on your own to process the overwhelming implications and navigate the realities of the disease.

Because of your support, no one in Quebec needs to face their ALS diagnosis alone. Through videoconference, telephone, or email, our professional counsellors are available to provide guidance, recommend services and supports, and answer questions.  Our online resources are available to help people who prefer to self-serve. And peer support in both one-on-one and group settings is available for those who find comfort in connecting with others in the community.

No one should navigate ALS alone. Because of you, they don’t have to.

Following my mother’s death, my father wanted to encourage your organization to continue its wonderful work with families affected by this unjust and cruel disease. My parents were extremely grateful to have found you along their path. You made a big difference in their daily lives and helped them face this disease with courage and dignity. On my behalf, on behalf of my father and in memory of my mother, I sincerely thank you for being there for them.
Sylvie Renaud

Whether it happens in the lab or the clinic, ALS research provides hope to a passionate community with an urgent need: to see treatments that change the reality of living with the disease.

Your support means that every year, we are able to maintain a strong pipeline of ALS research through our partnership with the ALS Society of Canada, which funds peer-reviewed ALS research evaluated as the best in the country. Your support also strengthens the ALS research community here in Quebec through regular events where knowledge and information are shared by the scientific minds working on solving the mysteries of the disease and improving quality of life.

Even though there’s been so much progress in ALS research, much of the disease is still a mystery. You are helping to solve it.

If my donations can help researchers find a cause/cure, then the money I inherited from my father will have served a purpose. This may not happen in my lifetime, but I know it will happen, and future generations will not know the heartbreak of losing their loved ones to this devastating disease.
Wendy Alexander Clarke,
in memory of her father

For people who don’t have a first-hand perspective of what it is like to live with ALS, awareness is a critical first step.

After all, how can people take action against ALS if they don’t know about the disease and the devastating ways it affects people and their families?

Your generosity in giving to ALS Quebec provides the means for us to educate people about ALS through speaking opportunities, media interviews, and other channels. It gives us the ability to provide training and support to the ALS Ambassadors who bravely share their personal experiences with ALS so that others can understand and be inspired to take action. It gives us a seat at the table with government and other decision-makers whose actions can affect whether people with ALS can access treatments, equipment, and home care.

It can be difficult to focus people’s attention on ALS when there are so many other issues of the day. Donor support means we can raise the voices of the community for greater awareness and action.

Norm MacIsaac and Mario Hudon have partnered for years with ALS Quebec as members of the Board of ALS Quebec and Co-Chairs of the ALS Quebec Advocacy Committee.

We complement each other in such a way that we’ve been able to take big strides. It’s this team approach that is ALS Quebec’s greatest strength, that of bringing so many people together to increase our collective impact. Collaborating with Mario Hudon as vocal advocates for ALS Quebec has ensured that I am a warrior, not a victim, and that makes a world of difference in my outlook of my life with ALS. It means I am part of the solution.
Norm MacIsaac
social activist, author, ALS Quebec Ambassador