We understand how difficult it can be to receive and learn to accept an ALS diagnosis. We want to support you during this time of turmoil by offering services that may help you in various ways.

There are two important steps you should take at the start of your journey:


1. Register with your local CLSC

The first step for a person with ALS is to register with their local CLSC. A healthcare professional will be able to refer the person and yourself to the most appropriate services based on your situation.Click here to find a resource centre close to you (page in French only).

2. Register with the ALS Society of Quebec

In order to benefit from the services we offer, you need to be a registered member. Based on the feedback we receive from our members, we are better able to understand what you are going through, and address the needs of all those who are touched by ALS.



Generally, we help by:

  1. Informing you and your family about the disease and the services and resources that are available to you
  2. Providing care and emotional support (one-on-one or in a group)
  3. Offering equipment loan and financial assistance programs
  4. Organizing social activities and social networking events

See all our services here.



The Resources section contains publications, reference material and links to useful websites that can assist you and your loved ones.

Contact the ALS Society of Quebec

To reach us, consult the Contact Us section.