At the ALS Society of Quebec, we believe in the importance of providing an interdisciplinary approach in the care of people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). We appreciate the continued care and support that you offer to families affected by this disease. In this section, you will find a variety of services, assistance programs and resources to guide you through the provision of care to your ALS patient.

About ALS

The About ALS section contains basic information about ALS, as well as information on the following subjects:

Community Support Program

The ALS Society of Quebec offers a short-term last-resort assistance service, that is subject to the availability of funds. Financial aid requests are reserved for financially and socially vulnerable families who demonstrate urgent illness-related needs that cannot be addressed by: existing health and social service networks/programs; regional community organizations/resources; insurance coverage or government programs. These are families who do not have access to the equipment and services needed to care of their illness without negatively impacting upon their basic needs. This Community Support Program includes assistance and guidance in finding resources that can support families with various needs over the course of their journey with ALS.


All requests for assistance must be made by a health care professional from the local community services centre (CLSC), Integrated Health and Social Services (University) Network (CISSS or CIUSSS) or from a long-term care centre/facility or a palliative care unit/residence.  Requests for assistance must have previously been submitted to the relevant government programs, insurance providers or community organizations that can offer the service/financial aid and be accompanied by two quotes/cost estimates.

Please note that we will not reimburse any purchases, rentals of equipment, or costs/fees related to services that are made prior to a request being sent, received and processed by the ALS Society of Quebec.


ALS Society of Quebec Community Support Program Request Form

In order to be eligible for this support program the request must be related to a person a who is registered member with the ALS Society of Quebec who has expenses or extraordinary circumstances of vulnerability related to the illness.

Click here to download the PDF request form or to register online as an ALS QC member.

Information Sessions

The ALS Society of Quebec recognizes that cases of ALS can be few and far between in some institutions/organizations.  Therefore, healthcare professionals providing care to ALS patients might need refreshers, or new staff might need to be informed, on the variety of needs that can be experienced by those living with this disease, as well as, strategies on how to address them. Because of this, the ALS Society offers information sessions to CLSCs, rehabilitation centres, and long-term care facilities (CHSLDs) at a time that’s convenient for healthcare professionals and tailored to their particular challenges or needs. For more information, please contact Kate Busch at 514-725-2653, Ext. 109 or at



The Resources section contains publications, reference material and links to useful websites that can assist people with ALS, their families and their caregivers. Each service is personalized to suit individual needs.