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*To learn more about ALS – Dr. Geneviève Matte

Learn what ALS is, a history of the disease and what is known about it today. Hosted in March 2022 by ALS Quebec.

*Imposed occupational transition: When ALS imposes a change of direction – Geneviève Lessard, OT, PhD

This webinar discusses how to reconcile the impact of an ALS diagnosis on day-to-day life. Hosted by ALS Quebec.

*ALS and Genetics – Nellie Fotopoulos and Kristiana Salmon

This webinar discusses the role of genetics in ALS, genetic counselling and testing, and therapeutic strategies. Hosted by ALS Quebec.

*Medical Aid in Dying – Hélène Guay B.C.L, LL.M.

Background about medical assistance in dying: its legal basis, history, current status and challenges ahead. Hosted by ALS Quebec.

*Palliative Care Conference – Anita Mehta, RN, PhD, CFT and Véronique Després, SW

An introduction to palliative care and its role in ALS, implications for family members, and an overview of available services and facilities at two different palliative care centres. Hosted by ALS Quebec.

*Optimizing ALS Nutrition in ALS: An Update – Madura Arunasalampillai, MSc PDt.

This webinar covers the importance of nutrition in ALS, barriers and nutritional interventions, and tube feeding. Hosted by ALS Quebec.

*Telehealth: an advantage for the ALS clinic – Dr. Geneviève Matte

This webinar discusses the use of telehealth to provide ALS care during the pandemic. Hosted by ALS Quebec.

*Cannabis in ALS : management of difficult symptoms – Dr. Angela Genge

In this conference, Dr Angela Genge, Director and Neurologist at the Neuro’s Clinical Research Unit, presents the main results of research on cannabis used for medical purposes for the treatment of certain symptoms linked to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

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