Webinar – Biomusic: An assistive technology for communicating through your body’s music

In this webinar, presented by Stefanie Blain-Moraes* on October 31, 2023, you will learn about biomusic – an innovative assistive technology that records emotion-related changes in physiological signals and converts them into musical output.

Your ALS Guide: ALS Communication Devices

Learn about strategies and devices for non-verbal communication.

Guide to Programs for People with Disabilities, Their Families and Caregivers – Office des personnes handicapées du Québec (OPHQ)

Information about programs available through the Quebec government to support people with disabilities.

Software Tools – ALS League of Belgium

A list of tools and programs that can turn your computer into a more effective communication device.

*Guide For People Living with ALS

This comprehensive guide covers a range of topics about living with the disease and what to expect.

*Zoom app User Guide – Phone line

How to participate in ALS Quebec’s virtual activities by calling a telephone number.

*Zoom app User Guide – Computer

A guide to using Zoom on your computer in order to access virtual activities offered by ALS Quebec.

*Zoom app User Guide – Cell phone

A guide to using the Zoom app on your mobile phone in order to access virtual activities offered by ALS Quebec.