Raising awareness: Together, our voices are heard

Speaking out together

While a major part of our mission depends on our ability to listen to our members and their needs, our other key objectives include advocating for them, educating the public through various channels, and showing how your donations directly impact the lives of Quebec families living with ALS. In 2017, the Society, its ambassadors and its partners worked hard to paint a picture of the realities facing our community and to inspire others to take up the mantle of ALS by sharing their stories.


Nancy Roch, Yvon Cournoyer, Stella Wojas and Nicole Isabelle are just some of the Society’s ambassadors speaking out on behalf of Quebec families touched by ALS.

The ALS community in the spotlight

This year, Quebecers heard from several of the Society’s ambassadors, who were front and center in the media, shining a light on the
challenges facing the ALS community. Thank you to our ambassadors and to all the families who continue to share their stories with us and the media in order to keep the conversation going.

ALS Quebec and Partenaires Neuro at the National Assembly

Louis Adam (Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada), Nicole
Charpentier (Parkinson Québec), Marie-Hélène Bolduc
(Muscular Dystrophy Canada), Claudine Cook (ALS Quebec)
and Jean-François Lamarche (Fédération québécoise des
Sociétés Alzheimer).

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, Partenaires Neuro, a group of five organizations that includes the Society, presented a brief at Quebec’s National Assembly entitled “Pistes de solutions pour améliorer la qualité de vie des personnes atteintes d’une maladie neurologique évolutive” (Solutions for improving quality of life for individuals with a progressive neurological disorder). Together, the partners advocated for the needs of more than 200,000 Quebecers living with a progressive neurological disorder. Our goal: To educate the members of the National Assembly about the issues and challenges facing people with one of these incurable diseases, including homecare, better adapted housing, support for caregivers, medical assistance in dying, basic funding, access to care and services, and access to innovative drugs. To read the full brief, please visit partenairesneuro.ca.














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