McGill Cares Webcast: Living with and Supporting a Loved One with ALS – December 2020

The Mcgill Cares Webcast is designed to support informal caregivers. During this candid, 30-minute interview, Claire Webster, Alzheimer Care Consultant and Founder of the McGill Dementia Education Program talks with leading experts about Living with and supporting a loved one with ALS.

Dr. Angela Genge / Ms. Leigh Stephens

Dr. Angela Genge is Director of the Clinical Research Unit at the Montreal Neurological Institute. She is a neuromuscular neurologist and leads the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) clinical program and multidisciplinary clinic. Dr. Genge has received numerous awards, most recently the 2018 Forbes Norris Award, the DIVA of Distinction Award, and the Governor General Diamond Jubilee Award.

Ms. Leigh Stephens is a social worker and a psychosocial counsellor at the ALS Society of Quebec. She supports people living with ALS and their caregivers at every stage of the disease, from diagnosis through end of life and bereavement. Her work developing programs and services for caregivers led to her involvement in the consultation process for the development of the National Policy for Caregivers in Quebec.

Dr. Genge will speak about ALS, how it progresses and what treatments are available. Ms. Stephens will provide an understanding of the types of programs and services that exist for persons living with ALS and their caregivers.



Fanny Demers