Luc Cousineau’s Story

As long as there is a song…

I cherished the tought of being back on stage. However life decided otherwise.

On September 18, 2013, my amyotrophic lateral sclerosis diagnosis hit me like a tsunami.

The shock!

I was hit directly at the core. The feelings I had of sorrow, anger, fear, and worry, but also the will to fight and to love more than ever; all interwoven together. Most of all I realized the importance to love.

Death is everyone’s fate. No one truly knows when it will knock at their door. In my case, death tries to daunt me and shows up shamelessly. I stare at it right through its eyes. Surrendering is not an option – I must fight. Death won’t abort my projects. They keep me alive.

Despite how violent this hardship can be, I am committed to supporting the ALS Society of Quebec’s mission. The needs are so great and the disease is so horrible. I am pleased to launch a double album and donate part of the proceeds.

I am launching a new opus with 10 new songs, Tant qu’il y aura une chanson, combined with an album created 40 years ago, Cousineau 1973. I have also added three great hits: Vivre en amour, Angela mon amour and Comme tout le monde.

Fortunately, all of the songs were recorded while I was still able to sing and play the guitar. Today, I would not be able to do the same. This album feels like I am defying ALS, which has been part of my daily life for the past two years.

Over four decades separates these two albums, yet the same fire lives within me. My passion for songwriting and singing is the same. As for the future, we’ll see.

As long as there is a song… life will keep its purpose.

Luc Cousineau

Luc Cousineau – Free Artist

Luc Cousineau has been part of the Quebec music scene for the past fifty years. This down-to-earth artist has cultivated a unique and authentic music universe with lyrics and melodies. His multiple projects, records, performances, either as a singer-songwriter or as part of the duo Les Alexandrins made him an iconic figure of Quebec music. Respected artist with a full musical path, Luc Cousineau is undeniably known for his biggest hit Vivre en amour. Moreover, he is the author of 18 albums and over a hundred jingles and movie songs. Over the years, dozens of his songs have made it to the Quebec billboards, including four songs at a number one hit.

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