During ALS Awareness Month all June—and throughout the year—we need you to be part of our team. What’s our game plan? Take concrete action so that together, we achieve our common goal to strike out ALS once and for all. Our families and the research community need you know. More than ever.

Together, let’s take action to Strike Out ALS!

Here is how you can help! Every action makes a difference and brings us closer to our goal—to continue to positively impact the lives of Quebec families living with ALS, raise awareness and support the advancement of research.

What action will you take?

Your donations will ensure we continue to provide essential online services and financial aid for the greatest needs.

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Our events are hybrid! Join us: for the Walks, the Ride or create your own virtual event to fight ALS.

Download your set of eye blacks here. Wear them, share them, take pictures! Use the selfie sign to declare your action!

Add our Twibbon filter to your Facebook profile picture and ask your network to do the same!

Join the ranks of Team ALS by becoming a volunteer. There are many ways you can support our mission from the comforts of your home!

Our voices are stronger together. You have the power to affect change. Learn how to become an ALS QC Ambassador.

Follow us on social media, and use the hashtags #StrikeOutALS #EveryActionCounts.

Every action by a Team ALS member brings us closer to our goal.

Follow us on social media and join the conversation. Use hashtags #StrikeOutALS #EveryActionCount to share your story with us!