Fighting ALS with positivity and hope for Elias Makos

“Fighting with Positivity and Hope” – Elias Makos

When my 74-year-old mother began having mobility issues, my family assumed that old age was finally getting to my active mother who had always been a dynamo. But as different treatments failed to show any results, doctors began to suspect something far more serious. We were devastated when my mom received a diagnosis of ALS this summer.

Help was just a phone or Zoom call away!

Since her diagnosis, and as her illness has evolved, The ALS Society of Quebec has been there for my mother and our family, even in our virtual world: Help was a phone and Zoom call away. Support and guidance from a counsellor empowered us with information and provided comfort that we were not alone. The variety of services they offer, along with their contributions to further research, provide something that’s vital at a time like this: Hope.

My mother has always had the most positive outlook on life, something that hasn’t changed even when faced with this terrible disease. ALS Doesn’t Stop. Neither will I. In her honour and in honour of all families touched by ALS, please join me in supporting The ALS Society of Quebec by donating what you can this holiday season or by getting involved. Together we can turn the never-ending hope that my mom has into more help for families and eventually, to a future without ALS.

Thank you for your support. Happy Holidays!

Elias Makos
Host of The Elias Makos Show on CJAD 800
Caregiver to mother living with ALS

To make a donation now, please visit our website:

With your help, the ALS Society of Quebec can give the gift of support and hope to families touched by ALS.


About the ALS Society of Quebec

Whether it is attentive listening, online resources, virtual support groups and conferences, or a financial boost for the most vulnerable families, the ALS Society of Quebec provides diversified and personalized services to support all families touched by ALS across the province to maintain the best possible quality of life, despite the upheavals that such a diagnosis can cause in their daily lives.

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