Daniel Taillefer’s Story

Living life happily despite ALS

When I received my diagnosis that I have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis back in January 2014 it was obviously an incredible shock. After a difficult month in which I struggled to share the news with family and friends, I decided the live my life to the max because I obviously had several projects on my agenda that I had regrettably decided to cancel.

Throughout my entire life, I’ve often been faced with hardships which I’ve been able to overcome because of my positive nature. I decided then that I would live happily despite ALS. My family and friends keep me very busy and they invite me to all sorts of events (suppers, travelling, hockey matches, etc.) This year proved to be a highly intense one for me.

Upon retirement, I wanted to do a biking tour around the world. This is the only sport I could continue to do with ALS as I had to stop playing hockey, skiing and lots of other sports. During the month of March I started to train myself in my basement on my bike and I was extremely motivated.

Along with a few friends I accomplished the following trips:

  • New Orleans –  St-Augustine – Virginia (2000km)
  • Vancouver – San Francisco – Los Angeles (2700km) in June 2014

These trips gave me the confidence to be part of the Ride for ALS – City Edition and I thank everyone who sponsored me.

Soon I won’t be able to bike anymore. But I’m a fighter and I will continue getting involved in the fight against ALS.

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