Daniel Malandruccolo’s Story

Maude Dufour and Daniel Malandruccolo, Team MM Racing (Ride for ALS)

It was in February 1998 that Jean Dufour’s life was turned upside-down. The support that he received from The ALS Society of Québec, the Ahuntsic CLSC, and from his family and friends helped make sure that the last three years of his life were lived to the fullest, despite this horrible disease.  He was always smiling, just until January 10, 2001.   Since his sad passing, time has not erased the memory of an exceptional, generous and courageous man.  His enthusiasm for life has been one of the legacies that he shared with us.  Since 1998, we have been closely involved and from a distance with the ALS Society of Quebec; support groups, the governing board and fund raisers.

We are participating in our second Ride for ALS in his honour; he who practised cycling with passion, and like him, we will be smiling the whole 350 km!  Thank you to our families, friends, colleagues and team riders MM Racing, for their generosity, their actions and their words of encouragement.

Maude Dufour, daughter
Daniel Malandruccolo, son-in-law

September 2011

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