Ice Bucket Challenge raised spirits and funds for ALS

Numerous fundraisers took the plunge this summer

PK Subban and Oprah did it. So did Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Gates.  Thousands of Quebecers did it too! They took the Ice Bucket Challenge this summer sousing themselves with ice-cold water. Who knew you could have so much fun in support of such a great cause.

The Challenge added an element of glee to numerous fundraising activities organized by individuals and the ALS Society of Quebec this past summer while simultaneously spurring a spike in donations to the Society.

You may douse the bride

From BBQs to pool parties, spaghetti dinners, golf tournaments and, yes, even a wedding many families incorporated the Ice Bucket Challenge into gatherings with friends and family. They turned the Ice Bucket Challenge into one of the most viral philanthropic social media campaigns in history.

On September 24th a fundraising dinner event took place in a lavish setting at Plaza Volare inside the Crown Plaza Hotel. Hosted by the Morena family, all the proceeds from the ‘Spaghettata’ event were donated to the ALS Society of Quebec in memory of a cousin who passed away from the disease a few years prior. Over 450 people gathered at the event.


One, two, three, eeeee!

Participants in the annual Ride for ALS and the various Walks for ALS held across Quebec report having an easier time collecting donations thanks to awareness raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge. The Challenge also added an element of frivolity during the Montreal Walk for ALS as people had a good laugh watching Montreal Alouettes football players take turns drenching participants in honour of a loved one.  There were a lot of laughs and a few choice words as the icy cold water rolled down everyone’s back!
In Sherbrooke, the Challenge kicked off the Walk for ALS adding to the spirit of the event.