Have you ever wondered who all these health care professionals are and how they are caring for you?

View these professional panel presentations, which took place on September 12 and 26, 2023, where healthcare professionals from ALS clinics, CLSC, and rehabilitation centres explain their profession and their role within your care.

#1 – September 12 (in French)

Thank you to the professionals present:
Marie-France Montminy, Ergothérapeute, CLSC- Capitale-Nationale
Lysane Desrosiers, Nurse, Transplant QC
Véronique Adam, Inhalothérapeute, PNAVD – Montréal
Emilie Talbot, Nutritionist, CLSC- Chaudière-Appalaches
François Jacques, Neurologue, Clinique Neuro-Outaouais – Gatineau
Carolina Domenack, social worker, CLSC-Montréal
Nadine Leclerc, Infirmière, Clinique neuromusculaire – Jonquière
Amélie Bleau, Orthophoniste, CR- Montréal

#2 – September 2 (in English)

Thank you to the professionals present:
Kalyna Franko, Speech language pathologist, ALS Clinic, MNI
Daniel Robert, Inhalothérapeute, CLSC -Estrie
Caroline Cooper, Nutritionist, CLSC-Montérégie
Laura Lindner, Social worker, CLSC – Montérégie
Karen Lei, Ergothérapeute, CR-Montréal
Toni Vitale, Clinical nurse, ALS Clinic, MNI
Jennifer Barkun, OT, CLSC- Montréal

#3 – September 26, AM (In French)

Thank you to the professionals present:
Paule De Serre, Ergothérapeute, CR – Sherbrooke
Claudia Botelho, Ergothérapeute, CLSC – Laval
Marie Gagnon-Brousseau, Orthophoniste, CR – Montréal
Natalie Béliveau, Infirmière clinicienne, Hôpital – Greenfield Park
Catherine Lalonde, Nutritionniste, CLSC – Valleyfield et Beauharnois
Brigitte Pelland, Éducatrice spécialisée, CR – Montréal

#4 – September 26, PM (In French)

Thank you to the professionals present:
Julie Perron, Ergothérapeute, CLSC – Montréal
Véronique DuBerger, Ergothérapeute, IRDPQ – Québec
Sophie Dupont, Orthophoniste, IRDPQ – Québec
Billy-Ann Houle Powers, Kinésiologue, CR – Montréal
Elly Urbassik, Nutritionniste, CR- Montréal
Julie Gosselin, Nutritionniste, CLSC-Sherbrooke
Renée-Julie Parisé, Ergothérapeute, CLSC – Montmagny, Chaudière-Appalaches