Proper Seating in a Wheelchair: Adjustments and Utilization of Components – A video series by Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre (LLMRC)

This series of short videos provides guidance for proper wheelchair sitting and for making comfort and safety adjustments.

Your ALS Guide: Braces

Trusted information, helpful tips, and expert video clips about neck braces, hand splints and ankle foot braces.

Your ALS Guide: Home & Daily Living Guide

A guide to help people living with ALS and those supporting them to improve their everyday quality of life.

Guide to Programs for People with Disabilities, Their Families and Caregivers – Office des personnes handicapées du Québec (OPHQ)

Information about programs available through the Quebec government to support people with disabilities.

*Guide For People Living with ALS

This comprehensive guide covers a range of topics about living with the disease and what to expect.

Educational Webinar: Driving and ALS – Kendra Berry, BSc.OT

Learn about a Montreal Neurological Hospital project to promote and prolong safety when driving with ALS. Hosted in December 2018 by ALS Quebec.

*Educational Webinar: Planning a Trip that Meets your Needs – Isabelle Ducharme

Make your travel experience as smooth as possible. Learn how to plan and prepare from the experts at Kéroul. Hosted in June 2019 by ALS Quebec.