A free online resource for parents to support their grieving children.

Canadian Hospice Palliative Care (CHPCA)

This organization provides leadership and a national voice for hospice palliative care in Canada.

Canadian Virtual Hospice

Support and personalized information about advanced illness, palliative care, loss, and grief.

I Don’t Know How to Die – Susan L. Paquin

A touching account of a family’s experience as they bear witness to their mother’s ALS diagnosis and journey.

White Coat Black Art with Dr. Brian Goldman: Helping the caregiver recover

A caregiver shares the range of complex feelings she has experienced since the death of her husband.

Choosing when to die: donating her organs through medical assistance in dying – CBC Docs POV

A Halifax woman’s incurable disorder led her to educate others about being in control of one’s death and leaving a legacy through organ donation.

*Guide For People Living with ALS

This comprehensive guide covers a range of topics about living with the disease and what to expect.

Coping with Grief – Strategies for People Living with ALS

How to deal with feelings of grief and loss following an ALS diagnosis and as the disease progresses.