Symphonic Melody for Daniel Desjardins


Maurice Desjardins is closely touched by ALS: his cousin, Daniel was diagnosed just over a year ago. Inspired by Daniel, Maurice composed a symphonic melody in his honour. Let yourself be carried away by the delicate notes of the piano, violons and flute symbolising the hope to conquer.

Insale now for only $4.99. Click here to purchase the song.
All proceeds will benefit the ALS Society of Quebec.

Message from the composer:
Please, give generously because even if there is no hope of recovery yet, it is very costly to treat a patient afflicted with ALS and every dollar will relieve families struggling with this terrible disease.

A message to all of those who made the Ice Bucket Challenge; another small boost is easy and will procure you with the joy of listening to this melody orchestrated for a symphony orchestra.

Thank you in advance for sharing the song as much as possible, it’s for a very good cause.