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TAKING CARE:  A virtual learning environment

The ALS Society of Quebec strives to collaborate with healthcare professionals that care for families living with ALS across the province of Quebec by providing easy access to reliable information and resources that aim to enrich your expertise. This in turn helps to support families by providing them with information so that they can be better equipped to mantain their health and have the energy, knowledge and ability required to meet the day to day demands, challenges and impacts of their illness. The TAKING CARE online virtual learning environment aims to equip healthcare professionals with a variety of specialized resources that can be useful when empowering families living with ALS and guiding them through their respective ALS journeys. Whether your preference is to read, listen to or to watch the information you are looking for, there are a variety and range of resources in the format of your choice. All of the content is accessible on-demand and is available, when the time is righ for you.



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