The ALS Society of Quebec offers a variety of services not only to people diagnosed with ALS, but to their families and caregivers as well. We are dedicated to improving the quality of your lives throughout the progression of the disease by offering services that work in tandem with those of other organizations.



  1. Information about the disease, and the services and resources that are available to you
  2. Care and emotional support (one-on-one or in a group), such as guidance and referrals, information sessions and group discussions, interactive group meetings, and programs for teens and children
  3. Equipment loan and financial assistance programs
  4. Social activities and social networking events

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Information Services

In the About ALS section, you will find information about the disease, the signs and symptomsthe various forms of ALShow ALS is diagnosedfacts about ALSthe legal and financial considerationsa list of clinics specialized in ALS, as well as a multitude of other resources.

We also provide a booklet called the Guide for People Living with ALS in PDF format, which is filled with practical tips and advice. A paper copy is also available upon request.

You will also find on our Website sections dedicated to the latest developments in research, and testimonials from people who are, or have been touched by the disease.


Care And Emotional Support

The support we offer is not only for people with ALS, but also for their loved ones, family members and caregivers. It is personalized and adapted to each person’s needs.


Guidance and Referrals

The ALS Society of Quebec offers support and information services, and a caring team who is always there to lend a sympathetic ear. These services are also offered to the loved ones who eventually become caregivers. They too will have their lives turned upside down by this disease.

In addition to these services, ALS Quebec also provides information on a variety of other healthcare and social services. We can explain which ones are the most appropriate for your situation, and describe the fields of expertise and the roles of each health professional who will most likely treat your loved one at the various stages of the disease. But our support does not end there. We follow up with you regularly to ensure that you and your loved one benefit from all of the services to which you are entitled.


Peer Support Groups

The Society organizes information sessions and group discussions for people living with ALS, their families and their healthcare professionals. The topics are selected in response to the needs and interests expressed by members. After the presentations, participants are invited to ask questions and take part in discussions.

In partnership with the ALS Society and the Tony Proudfoot Fund, NOVA West Island organises monthly support groups for family and caregivers. It is the only support group dedicated to english-speaking families.

For the dates, locations and topics of our next meetings, consult the Calendar of Events. If you have any questions or would like to suggest a topic for discussion, please contact us.


Interactive Group Meetings

The interactive group meetings are informal sessions that take place between people who may be going through similar experiences. To facilitate discussion, participants are divided into two groups: one group for people with ALS and another for caregivers.

For the dates, locations and topics of our next meetings, consult the Calendar of Events


Community Support Program

To find out more about this assistance program, contact us.


Social Activities And Social Networking Events

Consult the Calendar of Events in the Support and Services section.

Regional Programs

The ALS Society of Quebec travels regularly to regional communities to meet with people affected by ALS and their caregivers. Our goal is to find out about your needs, provide services, and increase awareness of the disease among the general public and the health practitioners in those regions.

To find out the dates and the next regions we will be visiting, consult the Calendar of Events.


To find a clinic specialized in the treatment of ALS, consult the Clinics section.


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