Quebec Walks for ALS

All across Canada, thousands of people gather together and walk for ALS to demonstrate their support and solidarity towards families touched by the disease and Quebec is no exception.  From the Outaouais to Rivière-du-Loup and then to Montreal, 10 ALS Walks have taken place across the province to raise a total of more than $270,000. Thanks to the organizing committees, volunteers, dedicated community members, and donors, each Walk, in its own way, marked a new chapter for the Society.

Rivière-du-Loup Walk exceeds its fundraising goal

Nancy Aubé received the distinguished volunteer award.

Having lost her mother to ALS in 2005, Nancy Aubé didn’t hesitate for a second to step back into her role as coordinator of the second edition of the Rivière-du-Loup Walk for ALS. On September 25, 2016, the more than 150 participants who gathered at Parc du Campus and Parc de la Cité raised $13,000, far more than the organizing committee had expected. “We exceeded our goal, thanks to the hard work of the committee members, who are committed to raising awareness for the cause,” Nancy said. Deeply moved by the experience of Léon-David Arias Gonzales, the instigator of the walk and a member of the organizing committee, the Rivière‑du‑Loup community walked with him one last time before he passed away three weeks later. “The highlight of my day was Léon-David’s beautiful smile. So many great memories come to mind when I think back on that emotional day,” Nancy said.

Sarah Saillant-Boulinguez (middle) enjoying the fun with volunteers from the Quebec City Walk for ALS.

The Caribbean meets Quebec

For the first time this year, Sarah Saillant-Boulinguez headed up the 12th Walk for ALS in Quebec City, with an outstanding organizing committee by her side. Since losing her mother to ALS in 2012, Sarah understands what the disease entails, which is what pushes her to get involved. “I know from personal experience how much damage the disease can do in such a short period of time, so if I can make the patients and their families happy in any way at all, count me in!” And that’s exactly what she and her team did by organizing a major Caribbean-themed event where participants could let loose and have fun, and even attend a Capitales de Québec baseball game. “The thing I’m most proud of about this year’s Walk is the amazing way that all seven committee members worked together. Everyone brought their strengths to the table, which is what made the event such a resounding success.” And that’s no understatement: The event raised $68,000!

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