Pierre Madore: “We must act”

Pierre Madore

It was necessary to do more

Being a pharmacist for 33 years, my profession led me to get very involved in the community. Seeing that our government did not meet the growing demand for services and healthcare, I told myself that it was necessary to do more. A friend and I created a team who participated for 5 consecutive years in a similar cyclist event as the Ride to Fight ALS. We raised a considerable amount of money which allowed the Gatineau Cancer Center to purchase equipment. I am very proud of this achievement!

My mother died of ALS. My sister has been diagnosed.

Having given a lot to this cause, I am now personally affected by another tragedy: ALS. My mother Monique Madore died at 60 years old in 1997. My 55 year-old sister Pauline has been diagnosed as well.

This disease is incurable and fatal, and life expectancy after diagnosis is only 2 to 5 years. Since the diagnosis of my mother, and 20 years later of my sister, there was no concrete medical advance. On the status of a little known disease, ALS is gaining ground and making more victims. We must act. After my participation in the Walk for ALS Ottawa on June 11, I will participate in the Ride to Fight ALS in August..

I invite you today to ride or walk with me so that together we raise enough money to fund research so one day, not too far ahead, researchers discover a remedy against this terrible disease.

I want to ride to fight ALS