Our love is more powerful than anything – Alain and Dominique


Alain Bérard was far from expecting that, during a business party, he’d meet the woman of his life.

This networking event took place on June 1st, 1991. A plus one was a must. Therefore, Dominique spontaneously appeared, during this hot summer evening, in Alain’s life. “Dominique is the daughter of a salesperson with whom I made business”.

Eventually, this blind date became a 25-year date. On May 28th 1994, the lovers mutually said “yes”, leading to the birth of two beautiful daughters: Charlotte and Noémie. “Love, kindness, respect, humor, trust and sensibility” are the couple’s secret ingredients to their love. The independence of these two beings gives them the space to be complete individuals who, together, brave even the biggest storms on their path.

“It’s the will to live, the will to continue that make our love more powerful than anything,” declares Alain.

One day at a time, one moment at a time, “the simple pleasures” are sufficient to fulfill Dominique and her husband. Whether it’s bundling up cozily to watch a movie on a Sunday night or enjoying a glass of red wine, simplicity will be the theme for their Valentine’s Day projects. “What Dominique wants is for us to be together. That we spend time together. That we stop together”.

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