Maurice Leclerc’s Story

The older I got, the more I became my one and only BEST FRIEND

A few years ago ……..

The older I got, the more I became my one and only BEST FRIEND.

AND the nice thing about it was that …………. this friend almost always agreed with me!

I’ve since had the opportunity to meet the ALS Society of Québec team—a wonderful group of people who have become my second family. Whenever I need advice or help, I stop by the offices on Paré street to visit my ALS Society friends: Véronique, Kate, Élisabeth, Claudine, and Yves, the psychosocial counsellor, who is always ready and willing to help. He takes the time to truly listen, and then offers sound advice!

Every member of the team provides this same level of attention.

These folks are easy-going, generous, and very gracious with their time and attention. In short, they are wonderful people who inspire others to keep on living!!!!!

More often than not, you’ll find me at the COFFEE CLUB meetings, held on the third Wednesday of every month. The meetings are very interesting, and I look forward to seeing you there one of these months so we can chat in person!

Kind regards,
Maurice Leclerc

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