Let’s Break the Ice!

June is ALS Awareness Month: So let’s break the ice! Why don’t we get to know each other better? We have so much in common.

We’re the kind of people who never give up. The friend, the parent, the child. We support our family, we tear down the walls of isolation, we keep the lines of communication open, we help maintain the ties that bind. Always on hand, no matter what happens, so that life can go on. Determination, solidarity, hope: these are our greatest weapons against a disease that sends chills down your spine.

Let’s talk! Let’s share our stories and our hopes, and let’s applaud the courage shown by everyone who refuses to let ALS define them! People like Martin, Anick and FrédériqueJoin the conversation on social media using the hashtag #Letsbreaktheice.

“Respite helps the family, but also the person with ALS. When my mom and I left on our road trip, it was a vacation for my dad, too! ☺ And when we got back together, we had so many stories to tell each other.” -Frédérique, 14 years old

Respite that comes in various forms, when needed, thanks to you!

Did you know that many people with ALS need round-the-clock care? Family caregivers are at risk of falling into a lifestyle that can lead to exhaustion as they bare sole responsibility for a situation that can become a financial, physical and psychological burden. If they are to continue to take good care of their loved ones, they require help, too.

That’s why your monthly donation or special gifts lets the ALS Society of Quebec offer caregivers and their families priceless moments that allow them to forget their day-to-day lives and regain their strength while their loved one is in good hands.

To meet the diverse needs of people affected by ALS, like Martin, Anick and Frédérique, respite programs offered by the Society take many forms:

  • An after-school activity for kids
  • A cultural outing
  • A stress management workshop
  • A massage or relaxation session
  • A retreat to recharge their batteries
  • Financial aid to cover the costs of respite

As the summer begins, help us launch a new wave of support for people living with ALS and their loved ones!

Make a special gift to support essential services that offer relief to the whole family.

Thanks to donations from people like you, Frédérique was able to go on a mother-daughter getaway last summer for the very first time in fourteen years. After only seeing her mother in the role of a caregiver, she had Mom all to herself. Moments that were priceless.

On behalf of all families touched by ALS, thank you for your support!

Claudine Cook
Executive Director, ALS Society of Quebec