Huddol, a new online community for caregivers

A Breakthrough for Canadians Who Care

How do you create great health care solutions? Create a vision for optimal health care and then work backwards. For the team at Huddol that meant making sure that Canada’s 8.1 million family and friend caregivers could successfully navigate the care experience by relying on the know how and insight of others like them and a network of experts – anytime, anywhere.

“Huddol is the product of more than 13 years of helping caregivers across the country through our work at The Caregiver Network. If you consider the future of healthcare and the growing expectation being placed on families, the time is now for a breakthrough in family caregiver support. We created Huddol to be that game changer,” said Huddol CEO, Mark Stolow.

Huddol makes it easy for caregivers to share and solve everyday care challenges together. Huddol’s rich social environment works to help match caregivers to the best possible sources of support, keeping them connected to their peers, experts, and a network of public and private resources. For caregivers, building their very own care community through Huddol means that they always have a network by their side every step of the way.

Family caregivers assume 75% of all the care responsibility without adequate knowledge or training. This makes their role essential but also a potential health hazard for themselves and their love one.  The negative consequences of caregiving on a caregivers’ health are well researched and include higher mortality rates, mental health issues, poverty, and social isolation to name just some.

The ALS Society of Quebec has joined the Huddol community because it is committed to seeing families through the experience of caring for a loved one living with ALS. Delivering on our promise to our members means finding new ways of being by their side and reminding them that they always have an ally in us.

Caregivers who want to be a part of our Huddol community can join us by visiting