Claudine Cook- It’s the time to give

People living with ALS are the strongest people I have ever met.

Even as their muscles fail them, one by one, day after day, their strength of character never wavers. And I’m amazed every day by their families’ profound courage and resiliency. Everyone we meet here at ALS Quebec inspires us to be our very best selves. Besides continuing to fund research into the disease, what we want more than anything is to help people living with ALS to face this devastating disease with dignity. But none of that is possible without your precious support.

People with ALS have needs that grow more urgent by the day, needs that we must meet quickly. An attentive ear and a shoulder to lean on, support groups that encourage participants to open up to others going through similar experiences, specialized equipment to help ALS patients remain independent for as long as possible, financial aid, respite for caregivers, and social activities to combat the isolation—thanks to your support, we’re able to offer all of these different services, at the appropriate time, and at each stage of the disease.

If you already donated as part of our matching campaign, thank you! If not, there’s still time to make a gesture of compassion and solidarity, for which you’ll receive a tax receipt for 2016.

Now is the time to love, to hope, to share, and to join forces, but above all, now is the time to give! On behalf of our entire team, the Board of Directors, the volunteers, and the families who benefit from your support, I’d like to extend my warmest wishes for the new year and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity.


Claudine Cook
Executive Director, ALS Society of Quebec

Give twice as much help!

As the new year approaches, let’s be twice as supportive* of ALS patients and their families! Let’s be as generous as they are brave!


$25 = $50

$50 = $100

$100 = $200

Claudine Cook, with Chantal Lanthier, who’s living with ALS, and her caregiver Jocelyn Théorêt

The ALS Society of Quebec depends essentially on the support of people like you. Your gift will allow us to continue to provide these services to families affected by ALS:

  • Technical and financial aid;
  • Psychosocial support;
  • Information and referral services;
  • social activities to break isolation;
  • Hope that researchers will one day find a cure.