Better plan your care with new medical guidelines


On September 7th 2016, Me Danielle Chalifoux, President of l’Institut de Planification des Soins, provided our members with precious advice in order to help them better plan their medical care. If you didn’t get the chance to attend this conference (in french) from The Caregiver Network, a recording of this webinar is also available below.

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Know the anticipated new medical guidelines to better plan your care

The exercise of the fundamental right to autonomously make a decision is recognized by charters, and by case law which confirms the right to make a choice in advance, through established guidelines. First developed to provide guidance in case of emergency and to avoid aggressive treatment, they have evolved into more detailed guidelines, to include care planning for chronic degenerative diseases which incur loss of cognitive abilities in matters of accommodation, etc. More sophisticated guidelines have been developed and all interested parties who wish make their own choices related to health care should be aware of them.