Afflicted member advocates for respite care


Chantal Lanthier spoke with LaPresse+ to defend disabled people’s rights. “Creating respite and housing resources for severely disabled people is a moral obligation for the Government.”

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An ALS diagnosis comes as a shock and throws the lives of those affected and their loved ones into turmoil. The situation is very difficult for both the person with ALS and for their cargivers. “Being a caregiver is a 24/7 job. As the illness progresses, the caregiver acts as the arms and legs of the afflicted person”, explains Chantal’s husband.

Housing resources for physically disabled people are rare. CHLSD are often the only accessible housing facility. For Chantal these long-term health care facilities do not respond effectively to the needs of people with ALS – when the disease affects the body but not the senses.

Chantal Lanthier was diagnosed with ALS in January 2013 and has since joined the ALS Society of Quebec’s Board. Click here to read her story.