Coronavirus (COVID-19) Touchpoint: An opportunity to connect together!

2020-03-26 - 14:00 / 15:00

514 725-2653 (ext.103) | 1 877 725-7725 (ext.103)

Given the present restrictions on gathering together in person, the ALS Society of Quebec would like to welcome the ALS community to gather over the telephone!  During this teleconference call, guided by our psychosocial counsellors, we will address topics and questions related to how you have been keeping, adapting, and coping in the face of the recent pandemic.

Please call-in and join us for a candid and open exchange. If there are particular coping strategies and suggestions that you have found helpful, please share them with us ahead of time by email to: We will be glad to share these ideas during our discussion. Please take note that we will not be addressing medical questions during this teleconference.

In the face of challenging times, we will get through it together! We are here for you and look forward to staying connected!


Date: Thursday, March 26th, 2020

French Session at 11am to noon

English Session at 2pm to 3pm

Please Register with: Elizabeth at or by phone at 514-725-2653 ext. 103