Softball game

2018-08-24 - 19:00 / 23:00

Ahuntsic Park - Gary-Carter Stadium (doors open at 5:30 PM)

On August 24th, Nathalie en Rallye invites you to a very lively evening. Come laugh and have fun watching a softball match between the Patriots and the legendary 4 Chevaliers Easton.

Part of the profits will be returned to ALS-Quebec and if you say that you encourage ALC, it’s 50% off on the ticket price.

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Nathalie en Rallye is a woman, in her late forties, passionate about the desert and the challenges that allow her to live.

She has completed two Aïcha des Gazelles rallies, 1 Trek They Walk and 1 Raid Cap Femina Adventure, in which she finished in 2nd place.

It was in Morocco in the depths of the desert during her first rally that Nathalie realized the importance of trusting herself and the importance that one must give to oneself. It was also at this moment that she drew her energies from the beauty of the world and found peace while living the most difficult moments of her life.