Conference by Elaine Clavet – The different faces of caregivers, how to recognize them (in French)

2022-05-31 - 10:30 / 12:00

Kate at 514 725-2653, ext. 109 or by email at

One in four people in Quebec is a caregiver, meaning that anyone who provides significant support to a person living with a disability can identify themselves as a caregiver. In fact, there is not only one situation and one type of caregiver. Moreover, the face of caregivers changes over time. In this conference you will be able to better understand this reality and better identify the caregivers around you. You will be able to take into account the physical and psychological health of these people who are too often indispensable. This conference will be held in French. Questions and comments in English are welcome.

When?     Tuesday, May 31st, from 10:30 AM to 12 PM

Where?     The conference is held on Zoom, the videoconferencing platform.

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For further information, please contact Kate at 514 725-2653, ext. 109 or by email at

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