Conference – ALS and Genetics (in english)

2021-09-28 - 10:30 / 12:00

Kate Busch at or call 514-725-2653, extension 109.

There are numerous clinical trials now ongoing with therapies targeting the genetic forms of ALS. This webinar aims to provide information on genetics in ALS, the role of a genetic counsellor, considerations for genetic testing in ALS, and how therapies can target the genetic forms of ALS.

The conference will be given in ENGLISH.

Time: Tuesday, September 28, 10:30 AM to 12 PM

Where:  The virtual support group will be held on Zoom, a videoconferencing platform.

Registration : Please fill out this registration form.


If you are not familiar with Zoom, or with online communications, please reach Kate at 514 725-2653, ext. 109 or by email at

You may also read our Zoom user guides online.

See you soon, together.