$179,000 raised at the Montreal Walk for ALS


Walk for ALS

Montreal, September 23, 2014 The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Society of Quebec raised $179,000 this Saturday at the 14th Walk for ALS in Montreal. The Walk was the seventh of eight held across the province. In total, over $296,000 was raised in Quebec thanks to the Walks for ALS.

About a thousand participants were at Maisonneuve Park. Players from the Montreal Alouettes, along with Coach Higgins proudly wore their Tony Proudfoot Fund t-shirt, in honor of their former colleague who died of ALS in 2010. Coach Higgins expressed his gratitude towards all participants: “You are all part of something that is very special to us. Today, I say ‘Thank you’. Continue the fight, and let’s see if one day we can eradicate ALS.”

About 10 walkers also took part in an Ice Bucket Challenge. The Challenge, which overtook social networks in August, helped the ALS Society of Quebec raise over $1,5M.

Researchers and Superheroes

One hundred researchers from several countries were in Montreal over the weekend for the 10th edition of the ALS Symposium by Fondation André-Delambre in which Jean-Pierre Julien, PhD helps to organize. Dr. Julien and forty researchers from the Symposium were in attendance at the Walk. He sincerely thanked all donors: “Every donation, no matter the amount helps research move forward. You are all part of the solution.”

Furthermore, two members of the Society were honored. A local non-profit organization called “Heroes of Hope” surprised Carlos Botelho, an avid comic fan who was diagnosed with ALS 10 years ago. His Team Superheroes raised more than $ 10,000. Alain Bérard received the top fundraiser award: his team raised over $ 25,000.

About ALS and ALS Quebec

ALS is a fatal and incurable neurodegenerative disease that attacks motor neurons. People with ALS lose the use of their limbs, their ability to speak and their lungs while their senses remain intact. They become prisoners of their own body.

The ALS Society of Quebec’s mission is to provide programs and services to those affected by the disease, to fund research, and to increase awareness among the public, media and government bodies.

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